Did you see our television ad during the Academy Awards? If you missed it, you can check it out on www.discovercreditunions.com

I’m proud of the way Washington state credit unions are working together to spread the word about the benefits of belonging to a credit union. I think there are 20 of us across the state that are working on this campaign.

Check it out.

Shari Storm

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The commercials are cute, but the Web site contains little information and does virtually nothing to transition prospects to members. I would think for what you are spending on ads, you would have had an execution that was more conducive towards landing more members???

    • Shari Storm says:

      Dear Anonymous

      Thanks for the comment. The commercials are charming, aren’t they?

      As for the website, just between you and me… I actually share your sentiments. I had hoped for a more robust website before we went live with the television commercials.

      The ad agency, who we are also contracting to produce the website, assures us that the website will be rolled out in phases and we are in Phase One at this point.

      The plan is for the Credit Unions of Washington to have a more engaging, interactive, comprehensive website soon. Keep watching!

      -shari storm

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