It’s that time of year again – candy, chocolates, cards, stuffed animals, expensive dinners – in short, pressure to provide the “perfect” Valentine’s Day for your sweetheart.

I have been married to my husband for almost five years now, and we still like each other very much all year round. We put in the effort to make sure that we spend time together – just us – either going out and staying in and appreciate each others’ likes.

That being said, I’m not a big fan of going out on Valentines Day. Restaurants are incredibly crowded, it can be very overpriced and it just seems forced. I am, however, a fan of receiving random “I love you” gifts. Small is fine, just something that says, “I was thinking about you.” For example, one year my husband went out after I fell asleep and bought me a teddy bear, balloon, flowers and box of chocolate that he left in my car for me to find when I left in the morning. It was such a pleasant surprise – especially when you are inevitably running late and feeling stressed on the way to work.

I am always much worse when it comes to gifts. I never really know what to get and I am not as clever as he is. My husband is always fantastic with gifts and surprises – our anniversary, my birthday and Christmas always go especially well. I am really lucky to have him as my Valentine every year.

What is the best Valentine you have received? Any awful Valentine’s Day gifts? For example, my sister once had a guy leave a box of frozen meat outside of her door (for several hours) because he had promised to take her out for a nice dinner and this was the next best thing. (Yikes!) Can you beat that cringe-worthy gift?

Melina Young

My name is Melina Young and I am the director of marketing at Verity Credit Union. I love everything to do with marketing, advertising, public relations and social media – especially all the research that goes into making a product or service really work for our members and making sure the right people hear about it. In addition to my time spent marketing, I have a blog and write about celiac disease, which I was diagnosed with in 2010. Basically, I can’t eat any of those foods we all love that are made with wheat, barley or rye.

I have also recently started running and completed my first 5k in 2011. Some people may not know that I used to do a lot of acting, dancing and singing in my life. I was in a Nike commercial with Gary Payton in junior high (if anyone ever finds the footage please send it my way!) and I used to compete as an opera singer in high school. I almost majored in musical theater in college, but I’m very glad with my decision to study marketing!

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  1. Crystal M says:

    When I was in high school I had a guy who had a crush on me try to give me a shoplifted men’s watch for Valentine’s Day…. really? Stolen? Thanks :\

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