So you’re a business and you need business in order to stay in business. This is the business. Verity gets this. Most businesses understands this too, otherwise they would be out of business within the blink of an eye. With so much competition out there, a business has to do so much more than simply exist. Sometimes the product or service the business provides speaks for itself and is enough to keep the business alive – in most cases though, businesses understand they need to drum up exposure. What does this entail? Let’s begin by covering the basic essentials of exposure which is both great marketing and strong networking. Both are integral to the success and consequently growth of a business.

In marketing your business you can choose to place focus on the business in its entirety or to highlight how your business will benefit others. Visual and audio advertisements serve as key elements, whether they are on television, or more realistically in the form of signs and/or radio air time. Some things to think about are: What gives your business the edge over the competition? Why will people love you? Why do you have loyal, repeat customers?

Working out of Verity’s Beacon Hill branch I can speak from my own personal experience when I say networking is just as essential, for it serves the purpose of getting people to know your business from a grassroots level. Connecting with members of the community at community meetings/events, over coffee, or whichever social platform serves you best puts your face on the business and helps build relationships with others that will be advantageous over time. Notice that I say over time, as networking relies a great deal on word of mouth; one of the most powerful tools in getting your business name out there as it is backed by individuals’ trust in your business.

This brings me to the point of this blog, which is recognizing that in many cases for a business to succeed; other businesses are an asset in ensuring this happens. Businesses involved in Merchants Associations, Chambers of Commerce, and other community organizations benefit greatly because the local community gets to know who the business is and what the business is about. As part of the Beacon Hill Merchants Association and having been a part of it from its creation, I can attest that I have seen businesses enjoy their growth through referrals and their presence within the community. So for anyone who represents or owns their own business, make it your business to be a business that supports other businesses. You will see this come full circle and ultimately help your own business.

Sterling Roszel

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  1. Marge says:

    Good blog, Sterling! Thanks for creating a blog for business people who prefer to do business with Verity.

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