So I’ve been suffering from acne and it sucks. I’ve always had clear skin up until about a year ago and then BAM! – pizza face. So of course I’ve done my research, gone to the dermatologist, and changed my diet at their recommendation. The big change? No dairy. Apparently dairy can affect one’s skin and it can come at any time, even if you’ve been consuming it your entire life.

Up until now I had no idea how much dairy I actually consumed! It’s hard not eating dairy and making sure that none is used in the food you eat. Butter, milk, yogurt, (the list is endless) and especially CHEESE. Giving up cheese has been the hardest to do. Not only is cheese so yummy, it’s so much a part of the Western diet. Have you ever ordered a cheese-less pizza? I have and newsflash: it’s gross.

So now I read labels closely and have learned a wealth of information about the ingredients in the products we buy at the grocery store through my research. I guess being advised to cut dairy out of my diet has a silver lining – I now eat healthier and this means staying away from refined and processed foods which contain things that are terrible for your body like monosodium glutamate and sodium nitrite, just to name a few.

There are cheese alternatives too! And guess what? The Tofurkey brand makes a vegan pizza that tastes just like cheese and is delicious! Getting used to almond milk was a challenge because it tastes like a nutty version of watered-down milk but it’s worth my goal of having clear skin again. Oh, and water! Lots of it!

If you’re thinking about cutting dairy out of your diet, feel free to pick my brain!

Sterling Roszel

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  1. Diana says:

    All dairy is not the same though. You might be okay with goat or sheeps cheese. It is not the same as cows milk.

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