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Where You Truly Matter

Kayce on June 1st, 2005 No Comments

It’s 6:00 on a Wednesday evening and I just took a quick walk around the Credit Union on my way to pick up a print job at the printer and to fill my water bottle. This little jaunt, an hour after we closed our doors, has reminded me of one reason I really like working at Verity.

I work part-time in the office and from home. I am often in the office during the evenings, especially at month-end, and it’s not often that I am alone.

On this most recent walk around the office I encountered Vivian… she was sitting at her desk closing things up for the day. I often see her at her desk into the evening hours doing a little extra studying as a student of Verity University. Then I passed the conference room and saw Tony. Tony was meeting with a member and taking her mortgage application. I have often seen Tony in the office meeting with members in the evening and even on the weekend to accomodate their schedule. And then I passed member services and there was Le Ann helping a member over the phone.

I’m here after hours to do month-end because I was not in the office on Tuesday, but my coworkers are in the office to help members and to go the extra mile. I always believe in surrounding myself with great people… and at Verity Credit Union, I work with great people.


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