Many people assume that just because we work with many people on a daily basis that we don’t really care about or form bonds with the people that we do work with. I am here to tell you that just isn’t true, and I just had a member come in who reminded me of that.

Most of us who work on the front line are used to seeing many of the same faces on a weekly or monthly basis, and heck, sometimes even daily. That being said however, even we forget that these people that we work with, our members, are part of our lives. Some members come in and make small talk, some think of us as their therapists and tell us everything, some share their joys, some share their sorrows. We can’t ignore that so we do end up forming bonds with these people, with you, our members, and we do genuinely care. Unfortunately often times professionalism, policies and regulations keep us from expressing our concern or helping as much as we would like, but we do care nonetheless.

So a member came in and shared something deeply personal and sad with me and I cried for her. Granted, some of that was probably hormones from pregnancy, but I genuinely hurt for her. After she left several other of our regular members came in, greeted me with genuine smiles, talked a little about what’s going on in their lives and then left the branch once their business was complete. I realized that if something bad happened to any of these people I would probably cry for them as well.

The point is that we are all human beings and we form bonds whether we like it or not, sometimes in unexpected places. Sometimes you may not think we care, but we really do, probably more than you realize. Our members are a part of our lives. You laugh with us, share with us, you trust us with your finances, and sometimes you cry with us (though hopefully not often!). We see you with some regularity and you become familiar to us, and after a while you’re part of our “family.” Try to find THAT at a big bank, I dare ya 😉

Crystal Mutter

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