Sadly, one of unofficial perks of working at Verity officially ended yesterday.

Every Thursday following pay day, you could count on the following email hitting your in-box: “The Mountain Man is here!”

If you were a new employee at Headquarters, it became your rite of passage to be escorted down to the lobby by your boss or co-worker to be introduced to the Mountain Man and his cart of treats. I still remember when Shari, my boss did this; and her boss, our CU president, did this for her as well.

The Mountain Man would come to the main lobby of our Headquarters building in Northgate and set-up shop. His “shop” was a small metal cart full of snacks and goodies ranging from smoked almonds (our CU president’s favorite) to Tropical Trail Mix to Honey Glazed Beef Jerky to Yogurt Covered Raisins. I was partial to the rice crackers and the occasional Beef Jerky.

Once the email went out, you could hear employees opening desk drawers throughout the office gathering purses and wallets to pick up snacks to hold them until the Mountain Man’s next pay period visit. It always ended up being a nice gathering around the cart, sharing “how ya doin’s” and making recommendations (try the malted milk balls, they’re really good.” )

And now that’s over. I didn’t go yesterday because I figured I’d catch him at his next visit. Where the heck am I going to find butter toffee peanuts as good as the Mountain Man’s?

According to his thank you-farewell letter (posted on our company Intranet), the Mountain Man (aka Christian) has gotten himself a new full-time job that will allow him to continue his photography business and coach soccer. Of course we wish him well, but we will miss his smiling face, kindess and ability to remember what your favorite snack is.

But all is not lost. True to great customer service form, the Mountain Man will still be able to satisfy our snack cravings once a month. He put together instructions and order forms. These have been posted on our company Intranet as well. These will no doubt be the 2nd most downloaded forms off the system (behind our member forms, of course!)

Laurel McJannet

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  1. Shari Storm says:

    It is sad to see a Verity institution fade away. I remember he came on my first day on the job. I thought I had died and gone to career heaven (I actually thought he came everyday, which I quickly learned was not the case). I loved the bi-weekly ritual of buying quality candies and snacks. The Mountain Man is such a NICE guy too.

    But your post made me realize one thing – in the 8 years I have worked here, it never occured to me to ask the Mountain Man what his given name was. Christian, eh? I like that name.

    Good bye Mountain Man. It may sound silly, but you will be missed.

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