Verity members, I’m trying. I’m really trying.

I know is awesome. I agree with y ou. I know about all the cool features it has to help you manage your finances online. I signed up for them when they debuted because I wanted to get Verity in the queue for support. I wanted to get savvy on how to use so that when you called, I could help you.

Now it is many months later and the only thing I can see is my Chase credit card. 🙁 And, I’ve had multiple requests from members asking if Verity could please sign-up to be a part of because of it’s awesomeness.


Twenty minutes ago, I logged into my personal Mint profile. Sure enough, I still can’t add my Verity accounts. I can only see my lonely Chase credit card. I do see that can link up to Verity’s branded ShareBuilder site, but now that ShareBuilder is a part of ING… that is another topic for another post.

So I went to the Mint’s Contact Form as directed and said this:

I am eCommerce Manager at Verity Credit Union. I signed up for (as well as some of my co-workers) many months ago in the hopes of getting our credit union supported in anticipation of members signing up for in the future. Well, members are inquiring why Verity isn’t participating and all we can say is “it’s up to, not us.” Please consider supporting Verity Credit Union soon. Please contact me at my work email or directly at my work phone number if I can help facilitate this in any way. Thanks!

Verity members, I had to submit this request 6 times. I kept getting an error message saying my connection had been reset. Thank goodness I cut and pasted my email otherwise that would have added fuel to the fire of my annoyance.

My 7th attempt finally went through (I assume) because I finally got an auto-generated response in my inbox:

“Hey Laurel McJannet,

Thank you so much for your email. We love hearing from you, whether you’re sharing a great testimonial or something we’d better fix. All of us are working really hard to make Mint better for you.

If you’ve asked us for an answer, we promise to get back to you as soon as possible. If we’re not fast enough, please check out our Community Forums at Other Mint enthusiasts, and our own customer support team, are posting answers to commonly asked questions on a daily basis.

All the best, The Mint Customer Service Team”

So like you, dear Verity members, I am waiting. I will continue to monitor Mint and will share my progress here. If you want to support Verity, I strongly encourage you to attempt to send them an email, too. Perhaps our collective virtual voices will be heard. I hope you have less trouble contacting them than I did.

Laurel McJannet

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  1. Stephen says:

    Hi Laurel,

    My name is Stephen, the new Director of Customer Advocacy at We get a lot of requests and try to get them in the queue as soon as possible. I’ll make sure Verity is revisited in the queue during next weeks review meeting. Thanks for your patience!!!

    Cheers, Stephen

  2. QueenBee says:

    I think you are contacting the wrong company. I know that Verity supports some form of the OFX technology that agregration services and programs like Microsoft Money use as one of my banks is able to download my Verity transactions but I have a feeling that Verity has not properly gotten themselves listed as I still can not download the information directly into Microsoft Moeny or as you said Mint. I have a feeling this not a Mint/Microsoft Money issue but an issue with Verity not properly publishing their OFX information in the proper places or not having the proper technology on their side.

    All I can say is OFX has been around since 1997 according to Wikipedia and I’ve been downloading my transactions into Microsoft Money for the last eight years so I would recommend Verity join the 21st century and figure this out 🙂 It shouldn’t take a online service like Mint to realize this is a very annoying lack of a feature for anyone who uses online banking and Microsoft Money or Quicken.

  3. Hi QueenBee,’s product (which they proudly proclaim as “ours”) asks its visitors to fill out a contact form if they do not see their financial institution listed. While they may very well use OFX technology (and I’m not completely sure about that), they must still require some kind of set-up with whatever financial insitution wants to participate. There are also other things Verity needs to consider, such as their privacy policies and the security of our members’ data. I’m sure this will be addressed once I hear from them.

    I also need to clarify something you said in your comment. Verity supports OFX file downloads into Quicken and Money and has supported it since 1998. We used to offer QIF downloads, but our Home Banking provider changed to OFX because Quicken decided to sunset support of those file types over the current OFX files that are now prevalent. Verity offers web connect which requires members to download their information from our Home Banking site. Direct Connect, which sounds like what one of your banks supports, enables the download ‘directly’ into Quicken or Money without having to login to Home Banking.

    So, while we don’t offer the Direct Connect, we do offer an option. I think we can be considered members of the 21st Century. 🙂

  4. laurel mcjannet says:

    Stephen, I like your new title and appreciate your commenting to my post. I look forward to seeing Verity as part of the community so that our members can experience in its entirety.

  5. Lisa says:

    I feel like I kind of get the shaft with Mint’s support. I send emails, ask the forum, and nothing at all ever comes of it. I think it’s kind of sad that they have such a great tool that people want to use, but very poor support (or very poor effort to respond to issues).

    I like Mint, but I’m tempted to shift over to another site in hopes that I’ll be able to get help when I need it.

    Good luck to you in getting Verity on Mint!

  6. Hi Lisa,

    Have you tried They have some very powerful functionality as well as a features that allows its members to rate the value/review vendors. You do have to upload your account information to their site, however—much like using Web Connect for Quicken or Money.

    If I hear from Stephen (or perhaps he is still monitoring this post), maybe he will see your comment and provide some assistance.

  7. QueenBee says:

    Good distinction and that is the distinction that makes the difference. If you can’t download the transactions into Microsoft Money at all you might as well not offer online banking. If you don’t offer direct connect then I don’t think you can be considered 21st century. The thing that baffles me is although I can’t setup direct connect in Microsoft Money directly to Verity I am able to add my Verity account to my Everbank online external accounts which is then able to download the transactions automatically and also passes this information along via direct connect. So my needs are meet via my other bank some how.

  8. JLo says:

    Laurel, have you heard anything further from Mint? Looks to me like Verity accounts still aren’t available there…

  9. Laurel McJannet says:

    Hi JLo,

    I have—and haven’t. I had a post-Mint post in the wings but with all that has been going on with the economy, other topics have taken precedence. I found a source for some additional information, but we are playing phone tag. Look for an update next week.

  10. David Balatero says:

    I just signed up for, and I was really pumped to use it with Verity, but it seems my checking/savings accounts are still not available through their site. Any updates on this?

  11. Tonja says:

    Well, here it is 4/11/2009, and Verity still can’t connect to I have been trying and then remembered reading a blog somewhere that Verity had a problem. I may have to switch to BECU and see if they have less trouble.

  12. FedUpFed says:

    Here it is the end of September 2009 and still unable to connect my Verity CU accounts into!

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