For those that could join the Greenwood team two weeks ago at our first community fundraiser, we thank you!  For all those who couldn’t be there, we wanted share our thanks along with some information about the event and the impact Verity was able to have in the Greenwood community.  This is a fantastic neighborhood that has become known for its resilience in the face of adversity (some of you may remember the arson attacks seven years ago, and more of you will recall the massive gas explosion earlier this year).  This community has stayed strong and banded together to support each other.  We were thrilled to do our part in supporting such a vibrant and dynamic group of people and businesses!

Through auction bids, standalone donations, and a portion of the sales from the Flying Bike (matched by Verity), we managed to raise $1,837 for the Hot Meal Program!  The Hot Meal Program, run by the PNA’s Greenwood Senior Center, aims to promote healthy communities by providing nutritious meals in a welcoming setting.

The Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery graciously hosted us for the evening.  They have been a part of the Greenwood community for a few months longer than our Greenwood branch.  Flying Bike was one of our earliest members at the branch and operate as a not-for-profit cooperative, just like Verity. Each Thursday, they support causes nominated by their members by donating $1/pint sold.  Food for the evening was catered by one of our newest neighbors, Luna Azul who were very excited about the chance to get more involved in the community!

Funds for the Hot Meal Program came from Flying Bike’s donation, in conjunction with the proceeds from a silent auction. All of the auction items were donated by local businesses within a few blocks of the Greenwood branch. In some cases, this was the first time Verity had contact with these businesses and their generosity was tremendous, as was their impact on the success the evening!

Donations were made by Naked City Brewery, Taproot Theatre, Top Ten Toys, Tiffany & Emily at Domino Beauty Boutique, Dreamstrands Comics, Atlas Coffee Importers, the Green Bean Coffee House, Chuck’s Hop Shop, and Mud Bay. Huge thanks go out to all of them!

We are thrilled to have shared such a wonderful night with so many of you that were able to attend.  Below are some pictures from the evening:


The new Greenwood & Ballard Staff celebrate their success!



All of our auction items, donated by local businesses!



The Flying Bike was amazing and accommodated a huge crowd – this was their busiest Thursday to date!


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