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What 102 Will Do

Shari Storm on January 5th, 2006 No Comments

On Wednesday, we got the dreaded call from daycare – Bekah has a fever of 102. Come get her.

When you have a two year old, a 102 fever stops your family dead in its tracks. When the fever is 102, there’s no fudging it and there’s no forgetting it. Often, when Bekah isn’t feeling well, we wipe her nose and send her to school anyway. Bekah is sick a lot. She gets colds and ear infections and stomach aches. Usually, it doesn’t slow her much. Her urge to be active keeps her from being down for too long.

However, when the fever hits 102, all bets are off. When the daycare says the fever is 102, my mind instantly conjures up images of my flushed little girl, lying lethargic on her cot, hair matted to her face. A call about 102 degree temperature makes me turn off my computer and head straight out the door. When the fever is that high, I don’t wrap up loose ends – I go straight to mommy mode. Fevers that high also get you a little note from the schools saying you can’t bring your kid back the next day.

Tonight, our executive team had tickets to see Blake Nordstrom and Jim Donald (CEOs of Nordstrom and Starbucks) speak. In my warped world, seeing those two speak is like having front row tickets to the best concert of the year, or watching the Huskies in a championship game. However, Bek’s fever is still over 102. She is flushed and lethargic and her hair is matted to her face. She doesn’t want to eat or play. She just wants to sit on my lap and rest. So, instead of learning the success secrets of the leaders of two of the best companies of our state, I watched the same 30 minute episode of Calliou four times in a row. That is what 102 will do to you.

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