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Shari Storm on August 25th, 2011 2 Comments

Last night, I had the privilege of sharing the stage with Nancy Woodland, executive director of WestSide Baby We were both presenters at a charity event hosted by Equinox Law Group I was so impressed with the work that Nancy and her organization are doing, that I wanted to share it with you.

Did you know that you can’t use food stamps to buy diapers? Imagine if you were low income, you had just gotten a job, and you couldn’t afford diapers. Those of us with kids in daycare know full well that there are very few (any?) daycare providers who don’t require you to bring a big ol’ bag of disposable diapers on your first day of care.

Diapers are expensive! And little ones go through them at a break-neck speed. WestSide Baby provides diapers to families in need.

That part I knew. What I didn’t know, and what impresses me so much, is that they also recycle car seats. I remember when my first child outgrew her first car seat. It was the seat we had used in our second car and so it hadn’t had much wear or tear. It looked practically new and it was less than a year old. I couldn’t find anyone to take it. I was heartbroken to throw it away. I figured surely there was someone out there who could use it, but I didn’t have a way of finding them.

Westside Baby has well trained car seat specialists to ensure the seats are in good, safe condition before giving them to families who need them.

Nancy talked about how the lack of these basic necessities cause such chronic shame and inconvenience for already fragile families. That is so true.

Please consider donating your time, money or diapers to WestSide Baby. It’s a great cause and it’s one that will help improve our communities.

Shari Storm

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  1. Melina Young says:

    Great post and information Shari. I think this is really critical information that many of us don’t think about. When our little guy grows out of his carseat I will be sure to pass it along!

  2. Christie says:

    This is a great group of people. I have had the chance to help out with their diaper drives they have in the summer and have attended the AWESOME fundraising Tea they have in February. Definately worth your time to check them out. Tehy are in the White center/West Seattle Area.

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