If you’ve never taken time to watch a young child discover the world around them, I encourage you to do so. It’s hours of amazement and fun.

As a new mom, I spend a lot of my time watching my son discover the world around him. It’s absolutely amazing, and it’s really the small stuff that I take pleasure in watching him figure out.

  • balancing on one arm while on his tummy so that he can grab for a toy out of reach
  • discovering that if he pulls his legs up he can actually reach those weird objects at the end of them (i.e. his feet and toes)
  • pulling the nearby blanket closer so that he can reach a toy
  • holding a bottle with both hands and tipping it slightly so that he can get the last of the milk
  • grabbing a fallen pacifier and rotating it so that the rubber nub is the part that enters his mouth.

Sometimes it’s as if you can actually see the neuron connections being created and the imaginary wheels turning. He will sit and study an object, slowly turning it. “Can I eat it?” I imagine him thinking as he suddenly brings it to his mouth. “No. Does it make noise?” He shakes the object violently, sometimes throwing it across the room. “If I let go, will it move away from me?” He drops the object on the floor or tray. “Am I sure I can’t eat it?” He mouths the object again.

That process happens over and over, the object being toys, fingers, bottles, pacifiers, Mommy’s coffee cup, the dog’s ear, etc.

I know the past five and a half months, my boy has learned a lot, from breathing and eating to sleeping, smiling and sitting up. And the next six months will be a series of endless discoveries – crawling, “talking,” walking, interacting with kids, taking pride in accomplishments, playing with food… the list is endless.

If you’ve never taken time to watch a young child, I encourage you to find a way to do so. It reminds you of how far you’ve come as a human being. Plus, it’s really fun to watch their quizzical looks and giant grins when they have that “aha” moment.

Kira Cox

Hi, I’m Kira. I joined Verity in early 2012 after a seven-year stint as a newspaper reporter. While I never thought my career path would veer off in this direction, I am loving my time at Verity. I recently moved from being a member services representative at the Alderwood Branch to being the marketing coordinator for the credit union.

I’m originally from Texas, but I have lived all over the country and the world, including Boston, Massachusetts, Anchorage, Alaska and Sydney, Australia. But in all my travels, the Pacific Northwest is the only place that has felt like home.

When not at work, I am usually home with playing with my son, husband, dog and three cats. During the rare times I don’t have a to-do list to plow through (and it’s not raining too hard), I can be found digging in the vegetable garden, training for a half-marathon, or grilling in the backyard.

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