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Walking the Walk

Nic Morden on March 30th, 2016 No Comments

I am a fairly cynical person- sometimes I wish I wasn’t but what can you do? When I started with Verity, I remember reading our mission and values the day of my initial job interview to get a feel for the company. I really respected what they were saying but I assumed that like most companies, these values and goals were mostly theoretical. I thought of examples how I share and practice the same values and was eventually hired. The cynic in me wrongly assumed that this would be the last time I think of Verity’s mission and values.

I could not have been more wrong. Our mission statement and values are at the forefront of our company, and as a member of our front line staff I often found myself referring back to the mission statement and values when I was unsure of a decision. I can’t think of another job I’ve felt that intimately guided by my corporate policies.

Working at Verity there was always an opportunity to jump in and volunteer with community organizations in addition to being encouraged to volunteer with non-profits of my own choice. After all of the time I spent working with my theater company, Verity offered my theater a grant for all the time I spent volunteering with them. (Just to be clear that is not why I feel compelled to write this, although I am still incredibly grateful and humbled for Verity’s generosity.)

I am continually astounded by Verity’s efforts to live up to the very worthy mission and values that they set for our credit union. And it isn’t just one small faction of the company— it’s everyone. Verity truly cares and they employ people that care. I honestly cannot imagine a better group of people to work with. They not only care about their jobs; they care about each other, they care about our members and they care about our communities. And they really care. I truly cannot stress the genuineness of these remarkable people.

The best example I can think of was when I was working at headquarters one day—I overheard two colleagues discussing the Ballard homeless encampment. They wanted to find appropriate ways for our credit union to help. They talked about the camp for a while and then spontaneously decided to go visit the site to get a better idea of appropriate actions for our company to take to help. It might seem like a very natural and simple reaction, but I was astounded that this was something people did on company time. I still can’t believe that Verity has such an authentic culture that is so responsive and concerned with the communities we are happy to be a part of.

As my time with Verity sadly draws to a close, I will always appreciate Verity’s integrity and I will always appreciate my time with Verity for bringing out my inner optimist. And, of course, I will be a member for life.

Nic Morden

My name is Nic Morden and I am a member service representative at the Wallingford branch and an intern with the marketing department. I started with Verity in early 2015 and although I am new to the credit union industry, it feels like a great fit! I graduated from the University of Washington in 2012 with a degree in theater and in my spare time I am a managing producer and actor at my theater company, The Horse in Motion. My theater company particularly focuses on experimental processes and spaces to deconstruct classic works of theater. I find the combination of working full time at Verity during the day and creating theater in the evenings to be surprisingly complementary and incredibly fulfilling. I also love seeing films, jogging and spending time with my roommates in whatever time I have left.

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