2015 is turning out to be a year of firsts. I turned 60 this year, I am writing my first blog and have spent more time volunteering this year than any other time. For my first blog, I thought I would share the insights that volunteering has given to me.

Over the years, I have volunteered with other Verity staff for various events. Working side by side with co-workers in an environment outside of the work environment has proven to strengthen relationships. You find different things to share than when you are at work. You discover things you have in common and your differences. The times spent together are fun and long-lasting. One of my takeaways is that I feel energized after those events – the experience stays with me for days.

This year I have started volunteering on my own with Vision House. Vision House offers many beneficial services and programs. Vision House helps families and individuals achieve independence and self-sufficiency. They provide transitional housing and support services to homeless families and their children. They also have housing for men recovering from drug or alcohol addiction.    They are just one of many organizations that do good for our communities. While I am in the beginning stages of my relationship with them, I already feel loyal. I feel like I make a difference. Other benefits of volunteering are the wonderful people I meet, the different experiences that it provides and how grateful I am for my support system. I am also grateful for my work at Verity and our commitment to volunteering in our communities.

While I’m relatively new to volunteering, many of you are not. In 2013, 34% of Seattle residents volunteered, ranking us 4th among the 51 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs). Congratulations and thank you to each of you! I am excited that I have finally joined the group.

Sherry Steckly

Sherry Steckly is one of Verity’s longest-serving employees, with more than 31 years. “It’s really the culture that has kept me here. For example, we value lifelong learning and provide education opportunities for both staff and Verity members.” Sherry is a NAFCU-certified regulatory compliance officer and a 2008 graduate of the Executive Development Program, University of Washington. Today, Sherry is responsible for branch and call center operations as well as continuous member feedback through surveys and direct contact. “Our goal is to make the branches conducive to their communities they’re in rather than making them all identical,” she explains. Originally from Canada, Sherry is a devoted patron of Seattle Arts and Lecture, Meany Theater World Dance and the Edmonds Sno-Isle Public Library.

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