Would you like to get $25 + $25 + $25 … ??

It’s really easy, read on …

The easiest way is by referring others to Verity. Every time you refer someone who opens a checking account at Verity Credit Union (and they let us know that you referred them), $25 will be deposited into your checking account and $25 will also go into the new member’s (the person you referred to Verity) checking account. It’s that simple. What’s even better, is that there is NO limit as to how many people you can refer … just think how much $$ you could make!!

Another way is to arrange to have your payroll check directly deposited into one of your Verity accounts. After your 1st direct deposit arrives at Verity, $25 will magically appear in your account. Contact a Verity representative for further details.

Here’s a new one: If you open a new Verity checking account (= you don’t already have one), you will get $1 every time you make a purchase with your new Verity debit card in the 1st month – up to $25. If you authorize overdraft coverage or apply for a Verity Visa, you will get $1 every time you make a purchase with your Verity debit card (up to $25) for an additional month! That means you could get up to $50 for simply using your Verity debit card. Isn’t it great to hear that a financial institution is paying people to use their debit cards?

What are you waiting for? Start earning some money!

Wendi Fracasso

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  1. Sarah says:

    It’d be great if Verity had a personalized referal link that we, as customers, could share with our friends. I have refered a lot of people, but it’s hit or miss on if they say “I heard about Verity from Sarah.” If I could post a link to Facebook, I think there’d be a lot more people who would take the time to look at Verity, schedule for an appointment to set up an account, etc.

    • Wendi Fracasso says:

      Hi Sarah, That’s a great idea! I’ll pass it along to our IT department to see if that is something we can do. In the meantime, you can post a link to Verity on your Facebook page by typing http://www.veritycu.com Thank you for promoting Verity! ~Wendi

  2. Sarah, I have great news! Here’s a link you can use to refer others to Verity and receive the referral bonus: http://www.cartwheelchecking.com/refer-a-friend.html?m=rv&r=-2147455890

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