Our new blog is here and she’s a beaut!

Spring is here and things are blooming and the sun is out in Seattle (albeit sporadically). What better time to launch our new blog?

After all, we’ve got a fresh, updated look (goodbye Blogger template!), more functionality, and a new crop of writers. Just look at those little faces!

I’d like send out a hearty thanks to the team at Trabian for all their hard work and for being patient with Shari, Laurel and me as we crafted our vision for Our Voices. I love the end product.

Let us know what you think about the new design and if there’s anything in particular you’d be interested in hearing from us. I can’t make any promises, but we are always up for suggestions.


1. You can still reference all articles from “We Are V” (our old blog) in the archive section.

2. Staff pictures are not current. Verity acts in accordance with child labor laws.


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11 Responses

  1. Jim Bruene says:

    Impressive redesign..I especially like the way you expose more posts through the middle column. Keep up the great work.

  2. Dong True says:

    You look good in your new threads. Congratulations on the newest chapter in your success.

  3. Chuck Van Court says:

    Getting an early start this morning I thought that I would do a quick check on your blog. To my surprize I found it has been completely redone. My reaction? WOW! Very nice job. The organization and accessiblity is good and I especially like the personal nature of your team coming through.

    Congratulations to your team and to Trabian for some very nice work.

  4. Gene Blishen says:

    This is one of the best blog sites I have seen in a long time. Congratulations on bringing something so new and fresh to the credit union movement!

  5. William Azaroff says:

    Wow. Nicely done! This looks to me like a big leap forward for blog usability and readability. Kudos!

    PS: Does this meet regulatory requirements? 🙂

  6. Colin Henderson says:

    Shari et al … congrats on the new blog and design! It looks fantastic.

    Keep it up … you are collectively leading the charge with FI blogs, and in so doing finding new ways to interact with your customers.


  7. Colin Henderson says:

    Congrats to you on the new blog, and I assume congrats to Trabian too. This is more than so much more than “getting off” blogger. I especially like the 1024 design, and yet there is still lots of white space – very clean.


  8. Terrell says:

    Thanks for all the great feedback!

  9. benry says:

    Lovely. Well worth the effort. Sheri et al. congrats.

  10. Willian S. says:

    Now that several weeks have passed since this site has launched, where are the comments from members saying how they like it? In fact, most if not all of the limited comments made throughout this site appear to be coming more from other bloggers and folks that have something to gain from generating hype around this community stuff.

    What is the payback to members from this site anyway? How much are you spending to create and support this site?

  11. Shari Storm says:

    William – It is true that we had more comments from industry folks than we did from members. Although our members were not completely silent on the launch. We did get some good feedback.

    We hope that the payback to the members is that they have a forum where they can voice their opinions, a place where they can get to know the people behind the credit union, and that we keep pace with the changing landscape of the internet.

    As for the cost, you’ll be happy to know that this kind of social media is surprisingly inexpensive; particularly when you compare it to traditional forms of communication (like advertising).

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