If you get a text message from Verity asking for your personal information, just delete it. It’s just another scam.

For those of you that are not up on the language known as texting, here is a translation of this post’s title: Verity doesn’t send text messages asking for personal account information. Period.

Text message phishing is getting as popular as good, old fashioned email phishes. Just yesterday, a few of our Verity members called our Member Service Center reporting that they got a text message from us, saying their account is/will be deactivated if they didn’t text us back with their Social Security Number, Account Number, PIN, etc. For some members, the text wasn’t even from Verity, but from another credit union or financial institution where they have no accounts.

So, like past warnings for emails asking to give your personal information, the same goes for text messages. Delete them. Do not respond to them. Don’t click on any links. Verity will never ask for account information via email or text.

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