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Tis the season

Andrea Martineau on November 22nd, 2013 No Comments

Greetings! My name is Andrea and I’m a senior loan officer with Verity Credit Union in the Consumer Lending department. This is my first blog post and I’m a little nervous about it. What would I write about? I was assured I could write about anything that strikes my fancy so in that vein, I think I’ll discuss some of my favorite things as we head into this holiday season.

  1. I am a Duraflame log addict. Or so says my husband as he unloads yet another case of logs from the car. I admit it! I love them. There is something to be said about being able to come home after work on a cold and damp day and be able to throw on a log with no fuss or muss and enjoy the glow and have it be burned out before you head to bed for the night. The best!
  2. Baking. I read an article once that said to cut down on stress during the holidays that you should only do the things or traditions that truly make you happy, you should not try and do it all. Holiday baking for my friends, family and co-workers falls into that category for me. I find it fun and relaxing. My mom is a fantastic baker and cook and she has passed on that love to me. I’m known around the office for my fudge and pecan bars.
  3. Tree trimming and other delights. Nothing makes me happier than bringing in the tubs of holiday decorations from the garage each year (or more correctly, my hubby bringing in all of the tubs each year) and opening all of the boxes. I am flooded with memories looking at each item and it just makes me happy. I treasure the vintage blown glass and Shinybrite ornaments that were my grandma’s (wish I still had her silver aluminum tree!). I adore the shades of green bulb ornament wreath that my mom gave me just a few years back and I especially love looking at all of the ornaments amassed over the years from friends and family.
  4. Outdoor Christmas Lights. Are you sensing a pattern yet? I love anything pretty, shiny or sparkly! I firmly believe that any home with lights hanging outside is the home of a nice person. The size and scope of the display does not matter to me. A grinch cannot possibly live there and hang lights for the enjoyment of others. I think it goes without saying that we hang some lights at my house (or more correctly, my husband hangs lights at our house). My man, bless his heart, is a wonderful low key fellow who has worked retail for a very long time. This is his most stressful time of year. By the time he comes home at night after listening to holiday music all day at work, the last thing he wants to do is put up lights or decorate the house with me. Every year he turns to me and tells me this is the last year he’s doing this as I stand by his side outside as the cheerleader/lightstring holder while he’s on the ladder (not like I’m doing nothing!) and every year, I get my way. Love you, honey!
  5. The generous spirit of the season. Here at Verity, we “adopt” families in need during the holidays. I am always in awe and so inspired by the generosity of Verity employees. Most of us do not make the big bucks yet we always have an abundance of donated funds and gifts for for the adopted families. I work with a fabulous group of people!

So, time to wrap up my first blog post. Hope you enjoyed it and I’ll see you in December. Wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Andrea Martineau

Hi, I’m Andrea. I have been with Verity since 2000 in several different positions. I started out in the Call Center, then moved into a team lead position, and was then offered a chance to learn about lending. I have been a loan officer for 9 years and really enjoy it. In my off time, I like to garden and hit flea markets and garage sales.

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