Do you love Legos?

I didn’t think much of them until my oldest daughter turned about six. Now I love them. We have so much fun building with Legos.

Legos aren’t what they were when I was a kid. The Lego house my daughters just built had a swank dining room with tiny little wine glasses!

When we first asked the staff if they thought it was a good idea to put Lego houses in the branches to advertise our mortgage products, the response was overwhelming.

And what was the response? “I want to build one!”

So we had a Lego Building Lunch. Some of the photos are below. We ordered food, turned on the music and built Lego houses. You can see our handy work in any of our six branches.

If you love Legos like the staff at Verity, then get a mortgage at Verity in the month of April. Anyone who applies for a mortgage this month will get a Lego house when the mortgage funds.

Fun, huh?





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  1. Andy says:

    This is awesome, and so fun!

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