is pretty, but it’s got smarts, too.

So when visitors go to Monday morning (9/14/09), they’ll see the new home page (screenshot below). We haven’t been phished. We haven’t been bought out– it’s really us.

While the site was designed for optimal Internet cruising on the latest and greatest browser versions (and on a 1024×768 screen), the minimum requirements are Internet Explorer 6.0 with 800×600 screen resolution. And, it will even work with a dial-up connection.

Other things of note:

  • The entire site will be locked down with an Extended Validation SSL Certificate. So, if you are using Internet Explorer 7.0, Firefox 3.0 and up, or Safari 2.0 and up, you’ll see the “green bar” in your URL field which means you are on Verity’s official website.
  • We’ve lost a little weight. We whittled away obsolete content and streamlined our product pages, creating comparison tables to help you pick the services best for you. And when you’re ready to open an account, you can do so with a click of a button on our secure, online application. You can fund your new account at the time you apply, too.
  • Our Community. Over the years, Verity has grown its social media presence. We’ve found a way to gather our blogs on our home page. The most recent posts from all of our blogs can be found here.
  • Optimized for screen readers. If you are vision impaired and use software to “read” websites, is ready for you.
  • Text widget. Text a little small? Don’t mess with your browser settings. Just click on the text widget at the top of the screen “AAA” to adjust the page to your liking.

Those are the highlights. I’m looking forward to launching on Monday and am very curious to hear what you think about our new website.

Home Page



Product Table


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  1. Marilyn Zabransky says:

    I want to access my account. How do I log in? Yikes!

    • shari storm says:

      Marilyn – Do you see the log in box in the upper right corner? Logging in to Home Banking hasn’t changed with the new website. If you are still having trouble, call us first thing Monday morning. 206-440-9000.

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