Ahhh it is the holiday season and it is my favorite time of year for a couple of simple reasons. I really enjoy the time being spent with family and friends and this time out of any other time of the year it happens more often than not. Also, everyone in general is just in a happier mood and more thankful, grateful and giving during the holidays. As the years go by for me the holidays have become more about the time spent with others than the gifts they bring and I have truly appreciated every second of it.


Here are a few of my favorite things to do during the holidays:

-Baking cookies with my family

-Reading a book under a warm blanket with coffee/hot coco

-Christmas themed flannel pajamas

-watching A Christmas Story (at least 3 times) on TBS during the 24-hr marathon on Christmas Eve/Day

-listening to Christmas music while decorating the tree

-Thanksgiving turkey with my aunt’s famous garlic mashed potatoes

-Football, Football and more Football (Go Hawks!)

-My weakness of an Eggnog Latte (I haven’t caved in yet, it is only the beginning of November)

-Making new holiday traditions with my boyfriend

-Secret Santa, mostly because I like to spoil one person rather than give everyone one standard gift

-Staying up on New Year’s Eve, it’s one of the very few times of the year I actually stay up past 10:30pm

-Starting a new year fresh and having new and exciting things to happen next year!

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