Halloween is just days away and what better subject to blog about than…you guessed it…HALLOWEEN!!

As a kid I absolutely loved Halloween. I loved getting candy, getting scared, and trading candy with my sister the next day. As a teen, Halloween was about parties and what costume would make people laugh. I once dressed up as a nerd in middle school, with a kick me sign on my back. Now as an adult I choose not to dress up unless I absolutely have to. There are two main reasons for this, 1. I am so limited on time to find a costume or create one. 2. The selection for adult woman costumes is…let’s say less than what is desired from me. Great if some girls want to be a pirate with a mini skirt or a police officer again with a mini skirt. I go for a more realistic outfit, not a more revealing one.

Last year for work I was a piggy bank, clever I know. Prior to that the last time I had dressed up was for a family party and I made my husband do a couples costume of SpongeBob and Patrick from SpongeBob the cartoon. It was a good laugh for all of course.

So now it comes to this year, my son is old enough to dress up and actually go to a few houses for candy. I think it would be nice if I dressed up with him. He could probably care less, but it makes a difference to me. Yep, I am one of those moms!! His favorite movie currently is 1995’s Toy Story, so naturally being the crazy mom I am, we are going as Woody (my son) and Jessie (me). My theory behind this costume is that it will be super easy to recreate, but also since it is similar to everyday clothing my almost 2 year old won’t try to rip it off.

Now that I have divulged what I am attempting to be for Halloween, I am happy to announce what the Auburn Branch employees are planning on being:

  • Preston will be a knight in not so shining armor made of cardboard.
  • Paige will be a wizard or possibly a witch – something with a Harry Potter theme.
  • Sharice will be a blast from the past with an 80s era outfit. Hot pink dress, leg warmers, lace bow, and of course mesh fingerless gloves.
  • Mike, well, he is the Grinch of Halloween and has decided to not participate in dressing up this year. However the Auburn Branch feels that he could pull of a great Anderson Cooper costume.

Are you dressing up this year? What are you going to be? Consider taking a picture and entering it into Verity Mom’s Halloween Photo Contest – you could win a $50 Visa card!

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