I’m fascinated at the art of making friends. I’ve never been one to make friends easily. Or maybe I distinguish acquaintances and friends differently. For me friends quickly venture into the best friend realm. In fact, my closest friends I’ve known since elementary school. Despite living in different states or being at different points in our life the friendship has always been there.

Watching my daughter at preschool I cannot decide if we are going to be alike or different in our friend making ability. The art of making friends at a preschool level takes on a new level. If my daughter leaves school without a hug from her best friend the world just might end. Holding hands seems to be a true indicator for all the girls that they are best friends. The other night Lily (my daughter) was upset because her friend was holding another girl’s hand. Yes, I did say we are in preschool!

My daughter is adamant that she cannot be friends with the boys in her class. Why? Well, because they are boys. However, she spends most of her time playing with them on the playground. Usually one chasing the other or playfully screaming at each other. Wait, that sounds like flirting? I keep reminding myself that we are only in preschool because I’m not ready for her to grow up.

I keep imagining if some of my daughter’s friendship rules applied to my life. It would be awkward if I insisted on hugging my friends at work at the end of each day. Or if I insisted on holding my friends hands every time we met for coffee. In that way, our view on friendships is different. However, I see my daughter gravitating towards a couple deep friendships rather then being the social butterfly. It will be interesting to see what happens when she really does get into high school and isn’t just acting like she is 13!

Le Ann Langston

Hello! I’m Le Ann Langston and I’m the Director of Member Services Northgate for Verity Credit Union. Member Service Manager is another name for the call center manager. Talking on the phone was a hobby of mine as a teenager and now I have made a career of it. If only I had a cool headset when I was 13! In my spare time I enjoy yoga, writing and reading just about anything. I am slightly addicted to TV and am currently hooked on a number of shows. Given this list of indoor pursuits you may find it hard to believe that I enjoy traveling to new places. Most people would never know that at one point I almost moved to London just for a change of pace.

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