Yesterday I received a very nice email from Brent Dixon letting me know that the WCUL presentation we participated in was available on podcast. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to check it out while I was at work.

I’m not quite sure why the urge to listen to the podcast hit me during arsenic hour, but it did.

I walked through the door, set the baby down, went over to the computer and pulled it up.

As soon as the music began, I was hooked. When Brent started saying nice things about me, I was positively mesmerized. So enthralled was I, that I was oblivious to the three year old yelling into her microphone (she received a toy microphone from my mother-in-law that amplifies just like a real-live microphone. She resorts to this when I don’t pay attention to her whining). The one year old pulled a stool into the kitchen and was trying to climb onto the stove. The dog was running circles around the living room because she hadn’t been fed yet.

My husband walked in a few minutes later and looked at me puzzled. He doesn’t usually come home from work to find me standing in front of the computer, coat still on, kids and dog making shambles of the house.

“My first podcast!” I exclaim gleefully. His puzzled look does not go away as he takes the batteries out of the microphone, gets the one year old off the stove and throws a biscuit to the dog.

As we sit down to dinner, I turn the podcast back on. I try to listen to it as I talk to the girls about school. After about ten minutes, my husband gets another puzzled look on his face. He says, “this woman on the podcast sounds a lot like you”.

“I told you! This is my first podcast!” I say to him. To which he replies, “I thought you meant it was the first podcast you have ever listened to, not been on”

To make a very short story long, after listening to Trey and Brent at the League Convention, and realizing how behind the times I have let myself get (because I have to admit – it was the first podcast I had ever listened to), I am attending the Blog Business Summit at the end of October. Expect to see our blog stepped up a notch.

Oh, and if you want to check out my first podcast….

Shari Storm

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  1. Brent Dixon says:

    Shari, you wooed the room better in ten minutes than we did in an hour and a half. Thanks again for your insight.

    I’m really looking forward to hearing about the Blog Business Summit.

    Now that you’re acclimated, when can we expect the Verity CU podcast?

  2. Shari Storm says:


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