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Thanks 4 Giving

Vivian Valencia on November 23rd, 2011 No Comments

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! My name is Vivian Valencia, Verity’s Director of Community Relations. Did you know that Verity has a Corporate Citizenship Committee (CCC)? The CCC consists of a group of Verity employees who annually coordinate a limited number of activities which have a positive impact in our community. This Thanksgiving, the CCC has adopted 4 families to ensure they have a wonderful holiday season. Please continue reading to learn how you can help with this effort.
We adopted our families from Pike Market Child Care and Preschool (PMCCP). PMCCP opened their doors on October 1, 1982 and has been serving families of all income levels ever since (particularly low to moderate income families). Allow me to share a little about the families (names changed for privacy purposes):

Family #1: 4 year old Danny is excited about his little brother or sister who is expected to arrive any day now. Danny likes trucks, fire engines and police cars. As a soon-to-be big brother, he wants something special for his little brother or sister (awwww …… he loves his soon-to-arrive younger sibling already).

Family #2: 2 year old Sally LOVES clothes (sounds like a woman-in-training to me!). Shirts, sweaters and rainboots are on her list.

Family #3: 5 year old Peter’s mom says “We have been living in a shelter for over a year and we finally got housing. We appreciate all of your kindness and generosity.” Peter’s favorite colors are red, green, blue and orange (I bet Peter’s personality is colorful too).

Family #4: 5 year old Ned loves working on art projects. Ned’s 3 year old sister, Bonnie, loves a lot of stuff as long as it is not pink (I like her style!). Ned and Bonnie’s mom says: “Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We wish you the happiest of holidays!”

We invite you to join us, the CCC, as we spread holiday love and cheer. In-kind or monetary donations are accepted and much appreciated! I invite you to contact my colleague and our Adopt-A- Family Coordinator, Joe Lancaster at 206.315.6718 or Joe has a list of items requested by the families and he’d be happy to share the list with you.

Thanks 4 Giving! V2

Vivian Valencia

Hi, my name is Vivian Valencia also known as “V2”. I’ve been with Verity since late 1999 and am currently serving as Director of Community Relations. My job involves increasing our Verity family of members, ensuring our corporate sponsorships are utilized to the fullest and working with our branch staff on community outreach. I LOVE my job, absolutely ADORE my colleagues, and life in general is pretty darn good. Almost every day I easily find something(s) to be grateful for ……. can you tell I’m a positive kinda’ gal?!?.

Here are a few fun facts: My favorite color is purple; I was shy as a kid (most would find this surprising); my secret wish is to learn to sing accapella (most wish I’d just learn already!); Anderson Cooper is my secret crush (well, my most recent secret crush); I love waking early in the morning to listen to the quiet; fudge brownies with walnuts and caramel are my friends!

See ya’ in the blogosphere! V2

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