‘Tis the season for being thankful. Personally, I think it is a shame and kind of odd that we need a ‘season’ or even a special day to reflect on the many gifts we have received and continue to enjoy each day. Much like accountability, gratitude is in short supply these times. I struggle with the concept of cramming all my thanks into one day or season, there are enough struggles in life so I am making an effort to spread my gratefulness out quite a bit.

Now that I think about it, I should treat my thanks much in the same manner as I treat my accountability, opting to take care of them the moment they occur. I am thankful for a great number of things right now, not the least of which is my co-worker/associate/teammate/friend, Pam who suggested I write on Thanksgiving.

I am taking this opportunity and the ‘season’ to share this bit of gratitude for some folks I spend every weekday with. I am thankful for the entire Member Solutions team for the under-appreciated work we do for Verity Members and Staff. Our department has a very vital, yet mostly thankless job to do every single day, and each one of us works these jobs not only to the best of our abilities but with the most positive attitudes possible.

The people on my team get me and others laughing when we would be crying. We regularly reduce delinquency in an economy that repeatedly says this is virtually impossible. We provide innumerable services that ultimately help the credit union and the society we are all connected to. We talk with people who are at the lowest of low and experiencing the most unimaginable tragedies in their personal and financial lives. We find ways to make lifelong friends, loyal allies and associates out of some, and others we are able to merely lift their spirits by placing smiles in the moments where otherwise there was just desperation, frustration and anger. Sometimes we bring a breath of reality to a crazy situation and other times we are simply an ear to listen to what so many others before us would not hear. (All this and paperwork too!)

Member Solutions is here at the end of the line. We are the last ones to deal with as lives circle the drain. It is painfully easy to see why many may want to forget about the department that takes care of the very broken among us. What is difficult to do is to step away from the negative stereotype and step up to lift others out of despair. I am thankful to work with a group of individuals who clearly know how to be human and treat all others, no matter their situation, humanely.

Thank you to David, Pam, Vicky, MeLissa, Trevor, Stephanie and Lynnette for continuing to be who you are and doing what you do. You are worthy of great appreciation and praise every day, through all seasons.

This is sadly my final blog post for Our Voices, my final week as an employee of Verity and part of the Member Solutions team. I of course will miss all of you, yet I will get to keep with me- much knowledge, strength of character and the friendships I have gained. I am pleased to remain a Verity Credit Union Member and I will never forget the two years I had the good fortune to work with such amazing people. It has truly been an honor and a privilege. Thank you!

Shannon Callahan

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  1. TJ says:

    Boy, I find it very odd that Verity has such a high turnover of personnel. My local branch has changed all of the personnel except the manager in the last year and I am constantly hearing the same thing from friends that go to some of the other branches. I hope that you are going onto better and bigger things. I know some of the people I use to know at my branch didn’t, which is sad.

  2. Shannon says:

    I was not seeking out employment when I was offered a position with another company, and a variety of personal factors influenced my decision to leave…. Not the least of which being that I have two daughters enrolled at private colleges across the country, and scholarships only go so far. If this hadn’t fallen in my lap as an offer I could not refuse, I know I would have remained at Verity until Verity had enough of me (which was my intent when I began this job). As my Mom used to say “Change is inevitable, it is best to embrace and enjoy it”. Peace be with you and yours today and beyond. ~Shannon

  3. Justin Martin, VP of HR & Training at Verity Credit Union says:

    I am glad that you made this comment as it is an opportunity to share more about Verity’s focus on retaining quality staff. We are committed to the professional growth of our employees; it is one of our core values. We are proud of the fact that employees are provided with development opportunities, such as our nationally recognized internal university program, and are able to grow within the organization. Often employees move from our branches into other positions within the organization that are aligned with their long-term career goals. We believe this focus on development makes the credit union stronger for all our members. Like any organization we do experience employees turnover, but more often then not it is due to the experiences and training they were provided at Verity. They have become more marketable because of their time here, something we view as a success. We actively monitor our employee turnover percentage and it is consistently below the industry average. We will continue to hire exceptional employees and strive to keep them a part of the Verity family.

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