An interesting question came up with a friend recently that I wanted to ask everyone. What gets you stressed and has it ever changed?

An interesting question came up with a friend recently that I wanted to ask everyone. What gets you stressed and has it ever changed?

My friend and I came to the agreed conclusion that having a second child changed our perspective on things. When pregnant I received a lot of solicited (and unsolicited) advice about everything from sleep patterns, feeding and discipline. No one ever told me though how drastically my perspective would change with a second child.

My son is now four months old and I definitely notice a difference. I feel more relaxed and non-stressed about daily challenges. Maybe it is a lack of sleep? It is true that my sleep follows a different pattern then pre pregnancy. I say pre pregnancy because it is a myth that you get good (or any) sleep while pregnant. That last trimester is maybe worse for sleep then after the baby is born in my opinion. While fatigue is definitely a possibility we weren’t sure if that was the sole cause of our new relaxed outlook.

Another possibility we talked about was the fact that it is more difficult to be punctual with two kids. With one kid the chances are greater you can control things and get out the door on time. Within two weeks of having my son I realized that getting somewhere on time required a lot more coordination. My youngest seems to always decide that the time to dirty his diaper is right when we are ready to go. Maybe this is his attempt at 4 month old humor? While I love being on time I now realize there are some things that I cannot control. So, we now start getting ready earlier and leave a 30 minute buffer just to get from the living room to the car. However, some mornings that isn’t enough. So, I’ve adopted the phrase, “What are you going do? Things happen.”

My friend and I also talked about the lack of time we have to do things at night. It used to be that I’d work on things after my daughter went to bed. I could count on that time after her bedtime and before mine. Now, with a second child that time is occupied. So, unless I give up my sleep (which we already mentioned was at a premium) there is little time to complete things. We thought maybe this factor was a big contributing factor to our new approach.

In conclusion, while it isn’t that we are any less passionate about things we are just looking at things differently. You could argue our new outlook is healthier (lack of sleep aside). I’m curious to know if anyone has experienced a similar outlook shift with a second child.

Le Ann Langston

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