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Sticky Situation

Shari Storm on March 30th, 2007 1 Comment

While my husband and I were recently on vacation, I accidentally signed a credit card receipt at a restaurant without filling in the tip portion. We were two blocks away when I remembered that I had done this so we tramped back to the restaurant.

I used to work food service and I would never knowingly cheat someone out of a tip.

It reminded me of an interesting email I got from Passport Unlimited. As you know, we offer a VISA card that has the Passport logo on it and you get your second entrée free when using your Verity VISA card (cool, eh?) At any rate, a participating restaurant called Passport and said that one of our members had used their card and not left a tip. They wanted us to track down the member so the restaurant could ask them why they didn’t leave a tip.

Well, for all sorts of reasons, we couldn’t do this.

While I’m sad that there is a waiter or waitress out there that didn’t get a fair night’s wage, I am happy that the restaurant wants to know why.

The reason I am happy is that soon we are going to have a restaurant review forum where members can go and rate their experience at Passport restaurants. Was the food good? Was the service good? Did they know what to do when you gave them your VISA – that sort of stuff. I think it will be a good. Stay tuned.

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  1. Ron Bensley, Jr. says:

    Restaurant workers are underpaid by their employers, particularly in other states with only the Federal minimum wage. A client who fails to leave a tip, either on purpose or accidentally, in effect is “cheating” the restaurant’s staff. I’ve wondered why restaurants don’t simply include the “commission” in the menu prices. Restaurant servers work extremely hard at their jobs, and should be paid by the employer for their professionalism and skill.

    My two cents’ worth…
    Ron Bensley, Jr. in Seattle

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