While writing my bio for this blog I realized I had a lot more to say than made sense to include in a bio, so why not introduce myself to all of you in my first official post on Our Voices!

My name is Sterling and I am the relationship associate at Verity’s Beacon Hill branch. I was born and raised in Indonesia and Australia, and my parents made it a point to expose my siblings and I to the world, taking us traveling to every continent except Antarctica. I appreciate this more than they know, because it really gave me a global perspective and an appreciation for every culture and their uniquenesses.

By the way, Indonesian food is so good – I’m a total ‘foodie’ and will try anything once – except lutefisk – I just don’t get that dish.

I went to a small international school in the mountains of Bandung, Indonesia with 40 kids in high school and a total of 300 K-12. This allowed me the opportunity to discover myself through acting in our school plays where I was lead for two years in a row; Seymour in “Little Shop of Horrors” then Danny Zucco in “Grease.” I was also in a number of television ads ranging from Pizza Hut, Kit Kat, Close-up toothpaste, to being the face for Biore Men’s face wash for 2 years.

I moved to Seattle in 2001 to attend college where I majored in marketing due to my experience in television (or so I thought because the courses were either really difficult or really boring).

After graduating in 2005 life has been pretty great. I met my beautiful husband and we are raising our Pomeranian, Dynamite. I love Seattle and the Pacific Northwest and couldn’t imagine living or working anywhere else.

Sterling Roszel

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