In focus. That describes our “Star” of the month, Kenressa. Kenressa works at the Auburn Branch as the Operations Supervisor, and she comes in daily with a fastidious focus on maintaining a smooth running branch by providing outstanding customer service and team spirit.

kenressaaub.4Allow me to introduce Kenressa to you, so that when you visit our friendly little branch in Auburn, you’ll know who I’m talking about. Kenressa has been with Verity for three years and has worked for a little over a year at the Auburn Branch as the Operations Supervisor. She’ll have a bright smile and a twinkle in her eye when you sit down at her desk to discuss your new account, your CD or your problems with accounting, which is just the sideline, because she also runs the teller line and audits the branch monthly.

That’s precisely why we are highlighting Kenressa this month. She’s a jack of all trades yet she’s still eager to help members in financial difficulty with their budgets and saving for their future. She’s a recent graduate of Verity University, a program specifically designed to enhance the career path of the employees here at Verity. The University is unique to our credit union, and we are pleased that Auburn’s Kenressa has spent the two years and countless hours of her own time learning more in depth details about the financial industry as well as developing her own system for helping members in financial turmoil. Her project, Financial Planning and Education, is designed to assist people who have derailed in the middle of their track to financial success. She will patiently work with a member to determine a budget that will fit their finances and get them back on that track.

In addition, Kenressa is focused on creating a comfortable atmosphere for new members, and has had many people move accounts from their current financial institutions to Verity because of the personal touch with which Kenressa approaches each new member. So when you sit down with Kenressa the next time you’re at the Auburn Branch, be prepared to open a new account, fix your financial future, or share a little bit of your life with her. And if you happen to be in the military, as is Kenressa’s new husband, be prepared to “sit a spell.”

Melanie Mosshart

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