Thanks to yet another mild winter, spring is here in the Pacific Northwest (we’ll just ignore the fact the calendar says the season actually starts in a couple weeks). Spring bulbs (crocuses, daffodils, hyacinths, etc) are starting to poke through the soggy ground in my yard. Many trees are starting to bud and cherry blossoms are in full bloom across the region. My husband has even had to mow the front lawn a couple times in the last month.

Now that spring has arrived, it means people are getting out and about. Sure, we have to wear rain gear (especially this year since it’s one of the wettest winter’s we had — I don’t think drought will be as big of a problem this summer!) but the warmer temperature makes it much more bearable to be out in the spring drizzle.

But what is there to do outside in March? Summertime is jam-packed with festivals and events, but during the early spring, organized events are a bit more sparse. Here are a few of my favorite things to do outside with my family:

– Easter Egg hunts — you don’t have to be religious to enjoy a good old-fashioned egg hunt. You also don’t have to have kids — I’ve organized plenty of adult-friendly egg hunts and had a blast watching my friends try to find camouflaged eggs and goodies.

– Hikes — especially since it was a mild winter, some of the lower elevation hikes are clear of snow and ready for people to wander down the trails. Just be sure to wear the proper footwear as it’s still very wet.

– Discovering new playgrounds — Since I have two kids, we’re continually visiting the playground near my house. But, that one gets a bit old. I’ve started scouting out other playgrounds in my city and across the region, pulling over when I randomly spot one. It helps change things up for my kids as well as me — new playground means new scenery to examine while I monitor my kids playing.

– Biking — I personally don’t ride bikes in the rain, but when there is a gap in the weather, this is one of our favorite family activities. We ride for errands, around the neighborhood and even just up and down the driveway sometimes.

– Gardening — As I said, spring bulbs are coming up in my yard already. But you know what else is sprouting? Weeds. But weeds are much easier to pull in the spring when the ground is wet, and when the flower beds are clear it’s incredibly satisfying.


How do you like to spend your time outside in the spring?

Kira Cox

Hi, I’m Kira. I joined Verity in early 2012 after a seven-year stint as a newspaper reporter. While I never thought my career path would veer off in this direction, I am loving my time at Verity. I recently moved from being a member services representative at the Alderwood Branch to being the marketing coordinator for the credit union.

I’m originally from Texas, but I have lived all over the country and the world, including Boston, Massachusetts, Anchorage, Alaska and Sydney, Australia. But in all my travels, the Pacific Northwest is the only place that has felt like home.

When not at work, I am usually home with playing with my son, husband, dog and three cats. During the rare times I don’t have a to-do list to plow through (and it’s not raining too hard), I can be found digging in the vegetable garden, training for a half-marathon, or grilling in the backyard.

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