We have learned that we are one of several financial institutions that were affected by this spoofing scheme. We are all working together on the problem.

We have decided not to bring our website back on-line until we have more information. You may see the site come back up temporarily – this is so we can run a few reports. After we have the information we need from the reports, we will pull the website down again. If you log in and see the site up, that is fine. We are monitoring the link to Home Banking closely and have enhanced several protection measures.

In the meantime, we encourage all members to CALL US if they logged on between 6:30 am and 12:00 pm on Saturday November 11 and gave any credit card or other identifying information through the hi-jacked site. We will close your credit card account and change your Home Banking password. Our number is 800-444-4589.

As always, we remind you to keep your anti-spyware updated on your personal computers. Here is one product we recommend. (click there to be redirected)

We will continue to keep you posted through this site.

Again, we thank you for patience.

Shari Storm

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