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Jon Wu on January 29th, 2006 No Comments

team-nwfcuThe past few years, I’ve learned a lot from my girlfriend about architecture and design. These expressions changes the way we live and perceived a business or home. She recently showed me a few photos and a brochure of Hotel Ändra located on fourth avenue of downtown Seattle. This was part of a project that would discuss people and their movements within a space. I noticed that they chose three words to describe the hotel, sophisticated, stylish, and team-nwfcu-shade-device.0discreet. I thought to myself, Verity Credit Union is just like that. We have sophisticated people all around us and employees with very specialized fields. Stylish, our branches are designed and built by well known firms like Callison Architecture Inc and Paladino and Co. Discreet, we are private and one of the best hidden treasures of Washington. It is no wonder whenever I walk into Verity I feel welcomed and grateful to work in uniquely design financial institution. I hope everyone gets the chance to come into Verity Credit Union and take a look.

Check out what Paladino wrote about Verity, I even found these two pictures on their site:

The Verity Credit Union (formerly Northwest Federal Credit Union) building is a commercial office facility that houses a financial institution. The building is designed to harvest site resources and create a positive work atmosphere for building occupants, as well as showcase environmental measures for banking patrons. The building is oriented on an East-West axis and the floor plates are elongated to maximize solar access into the building interiors. Exterior shading devices (shown at left) and interior light shelves direct sunlight into the space without causing undesirable glare. Window glazing was selected to reduce glare on computer monitors while allowing natural light into the occupied spaces. Finally, interior finish colors were chosen to bounce light to the deep interior spaces, creating a vibrant and positive workspace. Verity was an award winner in the 1996 AIA Architecture and Energy Competition, and has been featured in several national publications.

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