Many people don’t think about security when it comes to social networking sites, except when their accounts get hacked into. But if you think about it, unless you are on top of your security settings you are giving a ton of info to the world without anyone even having to ask or do any kind of research.

People advertise where they live, where they work, their hometown, the names of their family members, photos of themselves and their children, all out there without even thinking about what their privacy settings are set to. From these things people can not only figure out passwords and answers to security questions for various and sundry websites and programs, but it also makes it much easier for people to steal identities.

Have you ever heard of a site called They collect data, mostly found on the internet, and put it up for sale! You heard me, they literally sell your personal info! And it’s not just the info that they can find on internet, they just use that as a starting point! They can find your phone number, your actual exact address, home value, income, relatives, marital status, education, etc. It’s honestly disturbing how much information people put out there for anyone and everyone to see.

The moral of this story? Check your privacy settings and don’t display anything on the internet that you don’t want up for grabs, and even if you don’t mind the info you do put out there being up for grabs, remember that you’re also making it easier for people to gather more information about you that you may not want out there.

Crystal Mutter

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