Thus far in my life, road conditions never involved anything freezing unless you were sucking down a Jamba Juice and got a brain freeze.

The day I drove away from Miami it rained ten inches in just a few hours. Walking to my fully packed car carrying my socks and shoes, I waded through ankle deep water wondering what it would be like to live in San Diego. I still recall with fondness the warm sweet rain, you could play in it, run through it, and taste it as you closed your eyes and turned your face skyward. The drama of a move to San Diego was heightened with the thought of no fire ants, no hurricanes, and way, way, waaay fewer mosquitos. Combining those thoughts with a climate permitting of all-year dry-ground athletic endeavor made it a fabulous idea indeed. Though there was a normalcy to all the wet, as these storms boomed their way into the Everglades, it was easy enough to imagine less rain in San Diego.

With many years in San Diego, and the added bonus of a few earthquakes and massive wildfire evacuations, I would never have imagined walking around with 40 degree weather, weeks at a time, in drizzling rain with no umbrella, feeling as though that was normal. Although feeling very much in the win column having all these experiences while actually living in San Diego, Seattle continued to beckon. Attending my first Seahawks game in December 2010 foretold my soon-to-be challenges when I wore 5 layers above with 3 pairs of socks, (one wool), and 3 layers from the waist down – and was still cold. I vividly recall my first visit to Seattle being at night, and how beautiful the City of Seattle was when I actually saw it with my own eyes. The skyscrapers sparkling on a cold clear autumn night combined with blue and green Century Link for a visual aria. It was most certainly a precursor of things to come.

So here I am in Seattle; by way of Miami and San Diego. There was no tornado to help lift me here. No house falling from the sky onto a witch, no ‘Man-Behind-the-Curtain’. There was simply 22 straight hours of driving northward to arrive in springtime. I’m told it was a particularly long summer for Seattle, and it did feel like Oz. Not sweating while exercising outdoors, breathtaking mountains with every view, seafood to make any connoisseur envious; it was inspiring. True to script though, the flying monkeys did arrive with winter, and that wake-up call resulted in putting a banner across my cell phone in bright yellow – “Check weather! – Have fun!” I’ve learned the differences created by wind, fog, high pressure, rain, heck – pretty much anything, on just how deep your bones chill. Thus far in my life, road conditions never involved anything freezing unless you were sucking down a Jamba Juice and got a brain freeze. Planning for weather? Perish the thought in Seattle. Here you actually plan for the clear day!

I’ve traded barracuda forty feet underwater, for eagles a hundred feet above, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity and courage to make my choices. I’m thinking that mosquitos are allergic to tall pine trees cuz I just don’t see mosquitos here. I make a point of going sleeveless during the summer if only for that reason. It’s always been beautiful around here, I just never knew how beautiful! Finding myself between mountains and waterfalls, Seahawks and Space Needles, orcas and islands, friends and co-workers… I may just stay in Seattle for good. – Sorry Maine!

Tony Pellicane

Hi, I’m Tony. I started with Verity in July of 2013, working with CUHMS in the Servicing Department as the Mortgage Servicing Supervisor. I spend much of my free time competing in flying disc sports, mostly freestyle Frisbee these days. I’ve traveled all over the world and most enjoy traveling to anyplace I’ve never been before (of course there are spectacular exceptions). I enjoy photography, art, dance, science, nature, and flying of any sort. Before moving to Seattle a year ago, I lived in San Diego; before that was Miami, with a stop in Gainesville, Florida on the way to San Diego. I became a huge Seahawk fan in 2009 after being a Dolphin fan from the glory days. I fell in love with the astoundingly beautiful country in the Northwest while visiting friends and practicing freestyle over the past few years and finally decided to move in 2010. Now having lived in three of the four corners of the US, I plan on retiring in Maine years from now. Hope you enjoy the writing.

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