August has come and gone which just means mothers everywhere are rejoicing as September approaches. After 3 long months of sleeping in (unless you’re me), going to the beach (I hate the beach), and soaking up the sun (can it PLEASE rain soon?), Washington is finally coming back and it’s coming back in ful8l force. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Fall is my favorite time of year*. My August was…nice and I use that word lightly. I painted my new room (pics or it didn’t happen!), I turned 22, ate horribly, fixed my car like a grown up, bought a lot of books, and bought about 100 bananas at one time. Don’t worry I’ll talk to you about my raw vegan life soon. Until then, I’ll keep you wondering where I get my protein from**.

You’re begging me to get to the point. This post is going to be relatively short but I’ll leave you with something that we all need: Activities! With the rainy weather coming up there’s going to be a lot of new things to do inside. Hopefully y’all got your hands dirty with the Tilth or went and restored some parks with Earthcorps and are ready to do some relaxing inside. Here’s some fun ways to keep warm:

Let’s start with this and hopefully the link works. Poetry is pretty underappreciated in my opinion. I love the art when it’s written and when it’s spoken. There’s something about Poetry that speaks to me and makes sense. A powerful message packed into a Haiku or a 2 minute delivery both impacts a person and keeps their attention. Seattle has a ton of open mics throughout the week if you want to perform or listen. You will definitely find me there snapping my fingers and raising a banana because lighters are overrated.

SIFF stands for Seattle International Film Festival. These folks are beyond rad! As the title suggests, they’re all about film so if you’re interested in volunteering or just watching a film, this is the place to go. Their motto is “Films are often just the beginning of a longer conversation.”

SIFF shows some local filmmaker’s movies as well which I love! We’re about supporting our community at Verity so I thought this would be a nice “warm” activity to throw in there because who doesn’t love a good movie? SIFF is also right next to the Vera Project so if you’re in the neighborhood, come say hi to me!

So far we have poetry and film so we are obviously missing food. Café Pho is my favorite Pho place hands down. I’ve been to the one in Northgate and the one in the Southcenter mall and have loved every minute of it. Their fresh rolls (with tofu) are SO good with their vegan Tofu Pho (with extra tofu please!) For those who eat meat, I’ve brought many friends there that have fallen in love with their meat choices and also Shrimp fresh rolls. The décor is really nice as well so if you are looking for a nicer but affordable restaurant, stop by for a hot bowl of Pho!

Suggested by Ashley, the next not-so-warm-but-pretty activity would be the UW Botanic Gardens. This would be a good Fall activity because it will be beautiful outside. There will be things to Instagram so you could drag your teenager along with you as well! I’ve been to the Japanese Gardens, which is south, but I have no doubt that if you’re an artist or just a human with eyes you will be captivated by the beauty that is Washington State. Enjoy!

Alright, I’m outta here folks, catch ya in September!



*Fall to me= September

**Protein is in pretty much all fruits and vegetables. I get my protein by eating protein rich foods. Also, did you know a lot of people actually consume too much protein? We really don’t need as much as we think.

Danae Harrison-Corey

My name is Danae and I’m a Member Service Representative at Verity’s Beacon Hill Branch. I love people and the color Orange so Verity feels like home already. My financial background is a little more unique as it comes from music; I’ve been counting and measuring for the majority of my life. However, I am excited to start at Verity and be involved in serving our members in multiple ways!

Outside of the branch, I am quite the busy bee. I have a college degree in Digital Audio Engineering and work at the Vera Project. Needless to say, Seattle’s music scene feels like home. Other things that people generally know about me: I am a raw vegan (80/10/10), I LOVE bananas, the color purple, the environment, and tend to get excited pretty easily about the simple things.

In the fall, I will be attending school for a second degree in Web Design. This blog will be a variety of things that I find interesting and challenging (like running). Mostly, I’m excited to have a platform to talk about bananas.

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