Since my husband works in the film industry, I’ve been able to attend the Sundance Film Festival in Park City Utah for the past two years.

Last year, a Seattle film that he worked on called The Off Hours premiered, as did another Seattle filmed called The Details which made headlines when Harvey Weinstein paid a record breaking $10 million for it This year, my husband, who is a location scout and manager, worked on a film called Safety Not Guaranteed It premiered this weekend to a packed house. The crowd loved it and the reviews the next day were positively glowing Also showing, by special invitation, was Your Sister’s Sister We had tickets to the Friday morning show, but alas, the Mega Storm of 2012 delayed our travels. However, a group of film makers that were with us at the airport, bravely rented a van and drove the 17 hours to make it to the showing just in time. I wish I could bottle up the excitement and bring it back to all of you. Seattle is so well respected in the international film community. We’ve got a tremendous amount of talent, coupled with breathtaking scenery, and really hard working folks. I was really proud of Seattle this week.

Shari Storm

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