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Science Day

Le Ann Langston on May 22nd, 2015 No Comments

I had the honor of planning Science Day at my daughter’s school last week. Science day is a unique opportunity where the kids spend the entire day learning about Science.  We brought in 27 presenters and set them up in classrooms. Then each grade rotated among their classroom’s to learn about various topics.  Our Principal even gave three assemblies with an outer space theme.

Coordinating this awesome day was not only fun for the kids but a blast for me.  My English major and career in Financial Services does not exactly qualify me as a Scientific Expert.  I really enjoyed talking with all the presenters and learning more about their organizations.  It is amazing how many fantastic organizations we have in the Northwest.

I was also amazed at the dedication of the parents and staff to make Science Day happen.  I had a lot of parents come down and help out in the classroom.  Several of our presenters were also parents or community members that presented.  Without community involvement we wouldn’t have Grossology, Weird Science, Strawberry DNA and our Squid Dissection.   Yes, I said squid Dissection.  The third graders write their names from the squid’s ink.  It is a popular presentation and referred to as a rite of passage for our 3rd graders.

In case you are wondering yes I am already planning next year’s Science Day! I’m curious what school events you are or have been involved in?

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