I’ve got to say that I LOVE our Journey Gold Visa credit card. I use my card to pay for just about everything I can. Here’s why…..

Each time I use my card I earn points. In addition to the points I earn on my credit card, I also earn points using my debit card if I pay via credit, signing for the transaction, instead of using my PIN number. My credit card earns points one to one so for every dollar I spend I earn a point. My debit cards earns points three to one which means for every three dollars I spend using the credit function I earn one point. Points earned on both cards are combined into one account. I can use the points to purchase airline tickets, merchandise, and even better, gift cards. So although technically we don’t have a cash back card, I’m able to use the Visa gift card for purchases just like I would with the cash.

My strategy is to earn as many points as possible and then come November, before black Friday, cash them in for a Visa card which I use for holiday gift shopping. I have a family of six so our grocery bill is quite big each month. Buying groceries with my credit card and then paying it off each month accumulates enough points each year for about $300 in Visa gift cards. When you add up clothing purchases for the family, birthday presents, and entertainment I am able to earn enough for another gift card worth anywhere between $300 and $500. In total I am armed with over $600 in Visa gift cards for holiday shopping.

The way I see it, by using my cards, I am able to ‘save’ for the holidays without having to save for the holidays!

Sarah Slonsky

Sarah has worked in the financial services industry for over 15 years and began her career with Verity Credit Union in 2003 as the Manager of the Alderwood Branch. Over the years she has led several departments including Internal Audit and Consumer Lending. In her current role Sarah is responsible for ensuring the credit union continues to meet its member’ financing needs while minimizing losses to the credit union and its members. She also serves as president of CU Home Mortgage Solutions, which provides quality mortgage services to Verity members and other Washington credit unions. Her goal is for “Verity to be top of mind when our members have a need to borrow or when they pull out a credit card to make a purchase.” Sarah holds an undergraduate degree in Accounting from City University. Away from work she enjoys spending time with her husband and four daughters.

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