This weekend I have been thinking a lot about how important it is to have a safety net. Safety net, nest egg, savings account. Call it whatever you want to it is all the same. Lately, it seems like financial concerns are coming up all around me and not just because I work at a financial institution. It does not seem that people nowadays plan for the worst case scenario. I do not want to sound like a pessimist, but what if my two income household becomes a single income household overnight? Doesn’t that seem like something I should plan for now? Better yet, everyone should think about? There is such a big emphasis on planning for your children’s future and making sure you save up for a good college. How about saving for a mortgage payment? I think that financial planners should focus on the real facts that a single or married without kids household would realistically need to save for. Of course, retirement is another thing to save for. However, having somewhere to live for a couple months if out of work would be high on my list also!

Le Ann Langston

Hello! I’m Le Ann Langston and I’m the Director of Member Services Northgate for Verity Credit Union. Member Service Manager is another name for the call center manager. Talking on the phone was a hobby of mine as a teenager and now I have made a career of it. If only I had a cool headset when I was 13! In my spare time I enjoy yoga, writing and reading just about anything. I am slightly addicted to TV and am currently hooked on a number of shows. Given this list of indoor pursuits you may find it hard to believe that I enjoy traveling to new places. Most people would never know that at one point I almost moved to London just for a change of pace.

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