“Running in Circles – What Riding Race Horses Taught Me About Life” by a loyal Verity Credit Union member

Richard Baum has been a loyal member of Verity Credit Union for almost 15 years. He recently finished writing his 1st book: “Running in Circles – What Riding Race Horses Taught Me About Life.”

In “Running in Circles – What Riding Race Horses taught Me About Life,” he shares some of the life lessons he learned making over 60,000 miles of circles on these incredible animals. He thinks everyone ever involved with horse racing, whether directly as a trainer, owner, jockey, groom, exercise rider, etc., or simply as a fan, has been impacted by their involvement. We learn how to live authentically, develop empathy, have patience & perseverance, and release control. These lessons affect the way we interact with the people in our lives as well. Our “equine” companions make us better humans.

If you have ever experienced the excitement of horse racing and the thrill of seeing your horse cross the finish line in front, then tip your hat to the equine athletes that made your day. Like human athletes, the glory and gold they run for doesn’t last forever. Injuries and age can end it all in a snap, sometimes literally. When the running stops, they rely on their human companions to care for them.

It’s time to “pony up!”

Because we take so much from horses – income and enjoyment – we owe them an opportunity to pursue a life after racing. Each of us, race trackers, fans, or just horse lovers have an obligation to contribute to this effort. We take credit when they run well, spend the money enthusiastically, and marvel at their athletic feats. How can we abandon them when the race is over?

So if you have ever worked with race horses, or cheered them on, or cashed a ticket, or just love horses now is the time to “pony up for the ponies.” Do you think racing is cruel and inhumane? Put your money where your mouth is. Do you want to prevent injuries and keep horses from ending up in slaughter houses? Put your money where your mouth is. Do you want race horses to have a life after the race track? Put your money where your mouth is.

Richard shed the light on the fact that so many horses suffer career ending and fatal injuries primarily because of continued racing, due to a lack of affordable off-track opportunities for rehabilitation, retraining, and placement. That is the reason for the book … to raise funds to support the facilities dedicated to providing these much needed services.

To purchase this book for the low price of $7.00, visit his Running In Circles website. You will also find a list of some racehorse rescue organizations you may want to support. If you share this book with friends, please encourage them to buy their own copy, since the reason for the book is to support our equine athlete friends as they pursue life off the track. He will be donating $5.00 from every sale of this book to various organizations, including CANTER, Second Chance Ranch, and the Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation.

Buy the book. Feed a horse. Heck, go hug a horse!

Wendi Fracasso

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  1. Crystal says:

    I am so glad you wrote about this! I am also an avid animal advocate (HA! I’m an AAA!), and it makes me sad to see animals used, sometimes abused, and just discarded like that. The same often happens with greyhounds on the racetrack. There’s a group called Grey2k that advocates for them, in case anyone is interested.

  2. Wendi says:

    If you are interested in purchasing this amazing book, please visit Richard’s website at http://running-in-circles.com/

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