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Remembering 9/11

Lew Bequette on September 23rd, 2015 No Comments

It’s been nearly two weeks now since the anniversary of the 09/11 tragedy, but I am still struck by something.  It fell on a Friday this year and all day long at work nobody made a single remark about the falling of the towers or the other 9/11 events.  Now I have admit that I spent a good part of my day with my head buried in the books, and I didn’t say anything either, but it still struck me as odd that nobody acknowledged the passing of fourteen years since that terrible day.  There was also precious little coverage in the traditional media.  The only place I am aware of where a serious effort was made to remember the victims and the heroes, was on social media such as Facebook.

Perhaps this says something good about us.  Americans have what may be a unique ability to put past losses behind them and look toward the future with optimism.  Still though, I think that at least in private it is good for us to remember certain events, no matter how painful, with our thoughts and our prayers.

Sometime in the early nineties I was in Washington DC during the dead of winter.  I visited the Vietnam Memorial on a snow covered and bitterly cold day.  There is an awesome power in the simple design of the memorial that caused me to be overcome with emotion.   Although I have three older brothers who were draft age during the war, my immediate family did not suffer a direct loss in Vietnam.  My oldest brother served in the Navy and was not in the war zone.  The other two, were blessed by high lottery numbers.  We did lose a cousin though who was killed while serving his second tour in Vietnam.  I checked the index for the location of his name and found the right panel.   Despite the cold I lingered there looking at his name and the names surrounding his for some time.  It was a beautiful if heart wrenching experience and I only regret not making a pencil tracing for his mother.

Someday I will visit the 9/11 memorial too.  Until then I resolve to not let another anniversary pass waiting for someone else to say something first.

Lew Bequette

My name is Lew Bequette and I joined the Verity team in October of 2014. Although I am new to Verity, I have almost twenty-four years’ experience working in credit unions. I was born in Kirkland and have lived most of my life (so far) on the east side of Lake Washington, but I have also lived in the South Sound, the Olympic Peninsula and for 10 years in Prior Lake, Minnesota. I graduated from the University of Washington (GO DAWGS!!) with a degree in accounting and St. Martin’s University (GO SAINTS!!) with an MBA.

I always knew I would be a CPA, and I was even pretty sure I would work in a financial institution. So I decided I should do something different first and I joined the Navy right out of high school. I worked as radar technician and later  taught electronics technicians how to troubleshoot and repair a certain piece of cryptographic equipment. I didn’t get to see the whole world, but I did see a good portion of Asia, and I got a lot of good stories to tell.

Now I’m living in Redmond and (along with my wonderful wife) raising a couple a couple of great kids. I like to take my dog for walks at Marymoor Park, take a few pictures and I’m a big sports fan. I love the Mariners and the Seahawks, but my favorite teams are my kids’ baseball and softball teams.

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