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Rain rain, go away

Kira Cox on March 20th, 2017 No Comments

Rain rain, go away… and feel free to come back another day, but maybe wait a bit, ok?

Like many of you, I’m ready for the rain to stop for a bit. Western Washington has seen a lot of precipitation this year: February was the second-wettest on record and we’re already above our annual rainfall total (note: the “water” year is October – September).

But I’m also not complaining — remember a couple summers ago when it was warm and we had very little moisture throughout the winter? And our snowpack was gone by June, which lead to widespread drought, low river levels, the suspension of fishing, freeway brush fires, etc. We’re far from that this year, which is good. But I’m also a bit tired of being soggy and not being able to work on our multitude of outdoor projects.

Spring is the time of year many people start thinking about and starting their home improvement projects. While it’s frustrating that we can’t work on the outdoor ones as much as we’d like due to the weather, there is a silver lining: plenty of project planning time. You can sit inside your dry house, look out the window, and think about your design. Maybe you’re building a shed? Or you’re doing an addition to your kitchen? Or building your dream deck or pond. Whatever the project, having a good plan in place before you start is imperative. Do you need permits? How are you paying for it? (If you need help in that area, Verity has a variety of loans that may suit your needs, including a Home Equity Line of Credit). By doing all the prep work while the weather is less than ideal, you’re able to hit the ground running when the weather improves.


But, if you don’t have any big projects on the horizon and just want the rain to end so that you can be outside, here are some suggestions of activities to keep you occupied until sunshine returns in a non-liquid form.

  • Beachcombing: Sure, you may get caught in a shower or two, but tide pools and beaches are still full of fun things to explore. Plus, they are significantly less crowded in cloudy or drizzly weather, which means more time exploring and less time looking for parking.
  • Visit your public library: When was the last time you visited your local library? Peruse the shelves for a new book. Maybe check out a new movie. Check out some community classes. There is a lot you can do at your local library.
  • Visit a museum: There are a lot of museums around the Pacific Northwest that cater to different interests. Search Google Maps and see what pops up near you! (side note, if you have kids in tow, Seattle, Everett and Mt. Vernon all have well-designed children’s museums).
Kira Cox

Hi, I’m Kira. I joined Verity in early 2012 after a seven-year stint as a newspaper reporter. While I never thought my career path would veer off in this direction, I am loving my time at Verity. I recently moved from being a member services representative at the Alderwood Branch to being the marketing coordinator for the credit union.

I’m originally from Texas, but I have lived all over the country and the world, including Boston, Massachusetts, Anchorage, Alaska and Sydney, Australia. But in all my travels, the Pacific Northwest is the only place that has felt like home.

When not at work, I am usually home with playing with my son, husband, dog and three cats. During the rare times I don’t have a to-do list to plow through (and it’s not raining too hard), I can be found digging in the vegetable garden, training for a half-marathon, or grilling in the backyard.

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