Recently I was at our Beacon Hill branch for Ask Our Coach day and I was asked a very interesting question.  One of our members was wondering…. oh, wait!  You haven’t heard of Ask Our Coach day?  Let me fill you in.  But first, please allow me to introduce myself.  I’m Charnell, Verity’s own Financial Coach.  It’s nice to meet you!

In addition to all of the traditional financial services Verity has we also offer financial coaching. You’ve probably heard of financial counseling before.  Coaching can include a bit of that sometimes, but financial coaching is for everyone.

Here at Verity we see ourselves as your partner in the next financial steps that you and your family want to take. This is where Coaching comes in.  You’ll often see me at one of our branches for Ask Our Coach day, answering the questions that you have about personal finance.

Recently I spoke with a woman who has great savings habits. She talked about wanting to buy a home but on the other hand frequently travels.  Her questions were related to managing both desires and discussed the pros and cons of home ownership versus renting.

Most of our members find that Ask Our Coach day is a comfortable way to have an informal conversation about finances and non-members are welcome to come in and chat, too. If you find our conversation leads to more specific financial questions you can schedule a financial coaching session with me where we’ll have time to go into more detail.

Oh… that very interesting question I was asked at our Beacon Hill branch? I was asked if it was better to buy a new or a used car in order to rebuild credit that had been damaged over the years.  Curious about the answer?  Come visit me at our Ballard Branch from 10am  to 4pm on Monday August 22nd and I’ll tell you then.  If you’re interested in attending a different  ask Our Coach session, see when your favorite branch is hosting one soon.

Charnell Morud

Charnell is one of Verity’s financial counselors.

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