Once a quarter all of Verity’s employees wake up bright and early to attend our Quarterly Breakfast where we socialize with our fellow employees, hear how the credit union is doing, reiterate what our focuses are, recognize outstanding employees, and eat together.

My favorite part of the Quarterly Breakfast would be the eating part. Kathy K. from our Mortgage Services Department is an outstanding caterer. At yesterday’s meeting she prepared a potato dish, egg dish, home made scones, blueberry/cheesecake muffins, fruit kabobs with pineapple and strawberries, granola, yogurt, watermelon, honeydew melon. To drink we had fruit juices and most importantly at an early morning meeting, plenty of coffee.

Coming together to eat really does create a bond that I’ve felt with no other company I’ve worked with before. I’m happy to be involved with a company that keeps a good dialogue with their employees, lets them know what’s going on, recognizes their strengths, and more importantly, feeds them.

Verity has managed to create strong bonds through communication, recognition, and –more importantly, food. What do other companies do to create strong bonds and foster good morale?

Dave Nelson

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