mel_mizaubcandidateThis year it was recommended to me, as the Relationship Manager in Auburn, that the Auburn Branch of Verity Credit Union support the Miss Auburn Pageant by sponsoring a young contestant in the pageant.

What does that mean? Well, it means that Verity would support our own candidate both with financial assistance and with moral support from the credit union staff throughout our candidate’s pageant journey. It was a great idea, (thank you Kathy) and it’s been a delight from day one.

The pageant is kicked off with a VIP Hour at Emerald Downs where the public, the sponsors and families are introduced to the young women embarking on this trek to self awareness, confidence and poise. Because Auburn boasts the largest amount in financial scholarships for a pageant in the entire country, we watched 23 young ladies come forward to win the coveted title and the scholarship that accompanies it.

Ashley T. was our candidate: a vibrant, well-traveled, determined young lady with her eye on business or perhaps photography in her professional future. Her eye was also, as were the other contestant’s eyes, on the prize: several scholarships to be awarded. Ashley, a member of DECCA, is an accomplished writer and an editor for her high school yearbook, not to mention that she looks stunning in her black and white evening gown.

What many people fail to recognize about pageants is that they are a golden opportunity to put one’s best foot into the future. A young lady in the pageant learns poise, grace, how to speak, how to gesture when speaking in public, and most importantly in this world of Victoria Secret models, self confidence. I applaud all the contestants for their courage, their vision, and their promise…a promise of a bright future for each one of them!

Melanie Mosshart

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