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Perfect Harmony

Lara Simmons on December 9th, 2011 1 Comment

“I’d like to teach the word to [swim] in perfect harmony…”

I’ve been doing a lot of swimming lately because I hurt my foot and can’t run on it. I love swimming. It is a great low-impact, full-body work-out and there is just something about being in the water that is relaxing. Under water the world is quiet and still in a way it just isn’t in the world above.

But the realities of swimming at a community pool are not always harmonious.

Most of the time there are more people than there are lanes so you have to double, or even triple up in each lane. Usually this isn’t too much of a problem and there are rules about how to pass and when to pass and what to do when you are being passed that seem to keep things in order most of the time, but that doesn’t keep me from worrying about it as I swim: Am I going to fast? Am I going to slow? Am I annoying my fellow swimmers? That person is annoying me!

I was particularly worried the other day when I got to the pool late, after lap swimming had already started, to find that there were already five people (five!) in “my” lane – ahem – I mean, the medium lane.
I stood at the edge of the pool for a few moments, looking to see if there was any other lane that would work for me. The slow lane already had three swimmers in it and was moving VERY slowly. The fast lane, while it only had two swimmers in it, was moving WAY too fast for me. It had to be the medium lane.

So I strapped on my goggles, hopped in the pool and started swimming.

After a couple of laps I was amazed to discover that it was working. We were all swimming in perfect harmony. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Turn. Stroke, stroke, stroke. Turn. Not a tap or a slap or an accidental kick in sight.

This tune from a 70’s Coke commercial started to go through my head and I sang as I swam, “I’d like to teach the world to [swim] in perfect harmony….” I smiled to myself, appreciating this moment of perfect harmony in the midst of all the strife and stress and anxiety that seems to be plaguing our world this holiday season.

Take a moment this week, this month, TODAY, to notice the moments of perfect harmony in your life. The times when things just seem to go right, in spite of what you might have expected. I hope there are many of them!

Lara Simmons

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  1. Melina Young says:

    Lara, I have been dealing with the same thing recently while training for my first triathlon. However, I thought 2 people in the lane was annoying – 5?! I can’t even imagine making that work. Good for you for taking the initiative and jumping in the pool anyway. I may have thought “I guess I’ll swim tomorrow.” Instead of taking that leap. I hope your foot gets better soon!

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