The following is a true story. Names have been changed to protect identity.

[curtain opens]

Verity Credit Union Member Service Center
Thursday, January 16, 2009
1:30:44 PM PST

My phone rings. I work in a call center, so I answer it. The gentleman on the line is requesting account information but does not have his account number. I request his name instead. He responds that it is “Prince Humperdinck.” Little does the mystery man realize, but I am quite familiar with Prince Humperdinck and can definitely tell that this is not the man I know. I think that perhaps there’s more than one Prince Humperdinck and continue to ask security questions. He gives me the real Prince Humperdinck’s social security number and date of birth. After a brief heart attack (I’m okay now), I inform the mystery man that I cannot release any information to him and was promptly hung up on.

[end scene]

The fortunate part about this story is that I am very familiar with who Prince Humperdinck is and was able to detect the fake. The unfortunate part is that there was no call-in password on the account. The truth is that I don’t know all of our members by voice, and with no call-in password set up, this could have been a terrible situation.

Now to my point: If you have not set up a call-in password or have forgotten it, please come to a Verity Branch and update it. If you are unable to stop by a branch, you can notify us through your home banking profile or send a letter with your signature to PO Box 75974, Seattle WA 98175.

I also strongly urge you to change your Telephone Teller password from the default if you have not already. You can do this by calling 206-440-9090 or 800-323-4753. Select Option 5 [More Choices], then Option 1 [Pin Change.]

I know that there are a lot of passwords to remember. Personally, I have passwords for about one dozen applications that I use for everyday work, four different financial institutions that I hold accounts with, three e-mail accounts, four networking websites, and various other personal services, such as cable and voicemail.

No, it is not easy. Yes, it is a hassle. Still, it’s all worth it to know that my information will be secure should my identity be compromised.

Karen Scooros

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  1. Zach Eychaner says:

    We are looking to implement something similar here at ELGA CU in Burton, MI. Is there someone who can shoot me an e-mail with how things are going with this and any advice we should consider? Keep rocking Verity!

    Zach Eychaner Contact Center Manager ELGA Credit Union

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