So, now that I live in Edmonds, I don’t see as many cool company vehicles on my way home from work. That is because my commute is now 7 miles instead of 17 (not because there are fewer cool company vehicles in Edmonds than in Kirkland). However, I did see a great one yesterday…. OK, OK, a moment of blog-truth-serum…. I don’t like our new company van. ACK! I said it! (blasphemy). I mean, I like it in the sense that it taught me a valuable lesson – you can’t slap you logo on something and expect it to be branded. So I am now always noticing really cool things you can do with a company vehicle… ok, back to the cool one I saw – Aimonetto and Son’s. What made their van so cool (I think) is their tagline “We’re On Our Way”. That is so perfect for a company that delivers high quality foods to restaurants (I googled them once I got home last night). I can just imagine myself the curator of a fancy restaurant and running out of something at the last minute. I would want to call someone whose tagline is ‘we are on our way’.

That brings me to our tag line. Verity Credit Union’s tag line is “where you truly matter”. The word verity means the state or quality of being true or real. We chose that name because truthfulness is of the utmost importance to us. It really is. So we are pulling out the meaning of our name in our tag line. See? Anyway, we also try to live by the standards that every person – be it our member (of course), our employee, our vendor, the person in our community – that they matter. What they think, want, need matters to us. Truly. I think that is a good tagline.

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