On August 20, 2015 Verity Credit Union opened the doors of your 7th branch. Verity had gotten a little rusty on opening a new branch since we had not opened one since 2007. I am pleased to say that the rust has been eliminated. Verity is now officially part of the Greenwood community. We have also started construction on a branch in Ballard. Ballard will open sometime in November.

Building a branch is like a jigsaw puzzle.  There are many pieces that have to come together to complete the picture. The Greenwood branch has a look and feel that is different from the others. While you can expect the same exceptional service from us in inviting and friendly surroundings, the concept is open which allows for better conversations and ease to move within the branch. At Greenwood we can take care of all your needs regardless of whether it’s to open an account, apply for a loan, meet with an Investment Advisor or make a deposit. Both ATMs accommodate shared branching if that is what you need to transact.

A new branch comes with significant expense. We want and need to get it right. Please come and visit your new branch. I certainly welcome your feedback on what you like or don’t.  We will use this same concept for our Ballard branch so please share your thoughts.

Again, it is exciting that Verity can offer you the convenience of the Greenwood branch.  Come and visit.  We look forward to seeing you.

Sherry Steckly

Sherry Steckly is one of Verity’s longest-serving employees, with more than 31 years. “It’s really the culture that has kept me here. For example, we value lifelong learning and provide education opportunities for both staff and Verity members.” Sherry is a NAFCU-certified regulatory compliance officer and a 2008 graduate of the Executive Development Program, University of Washington. Today, Sherry is responsible for branch and call center operations as well as continuous member feedback through surveys and direct contact. “Our goal is to make the branches conducive to their communities they’re in rather than making them all identical,” she explains. Originally from Canada, Sherry is a devoted patron of Seattle Arts and Lecture, Meany Theater World Dance and the Edmonds Sno-Isle Public Library.

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